Get Set For A Trip Outdoors


rips to some place away from home are always fun. One gets to explore, learn and enjoy other countries and terrains. Vacations and trips need not be restricted to fancy places that are accessible only by planes or ships. You need not always check into a hotel suite to enjoy a trip to the fullest. One can camp too.Planning on a trip to the woods to be one with nature? When you go camping there are a number of things to consider. Apart from selection of the place, one needs to carry enough things to suffice throughout the trip.

Where toGo


Wondering where you can go to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best?




There are a number of lakes that are waiting to be explored. Many areas that have become famous among tourists have been commercialized to such an extent that the beauty of the lake is gone and the water dirtied.


Find a lake that is yet to be exploited. There are many websites online where you can find beautiful photos of the lakes. Find the one you like, search more about it and find out if it is accessible and go for it.



There are many mountains to explore too. If you love to hike and want to explore volcanic mountains, Kilimanjaro is a great option. There are three different volcanic cones for you to see. Beautiful landscapes, sceneries and animals in their natural habitat area view cannot miss. Since it is the highest peak in all of South Africa, you are in for some visual treat.


Once you finish climbing it, it is an addition to your list of achievements. There are six different routes one can take, if you are confused, you can always reach out to and get your trip well organized.


There are a number of camp sites for one to explore too. There are places that are specifically reserved for campers, amongst the wild life. Since,these spots are regular camping spots;one need not worry about the wild animals and the surroundings. However, half the excitement in such camping trips is the surroundings.


When you go through an organizer, they will be able to guide you about where to stay and what to expect. This can be one of your lifetime experiences. Sometimes, all one needs is a start, and then the nature lovers will never tire of exploring more such sites.

What to Take

Here is a list of things one must not forget to take on their camping trip. The quantity of the items may vary based on the length of your trip; however the contents willremain the same, more or less.




When you go through an organizer, they will arrange for your food and stay. However, one cannot expect a buffet spread in the middle of a forest. You must be mentally prepared to eat anything they provide. You can carry something light with you to much on when you get hungry from time to time.




While packing for the outdoors, one must take in to account the weather both at night and during the day. When you are out in the open, even the hottest areas can get chilly. So pack a jacket that can withstand the cold.

Ensure you don't carry too many clothing as this will be the weight you carry all along. The clothes have to be light and easy to fold and store. If you are worried about the cold weather, you can opt for layers.

Basic Necessities

Some of the basic necessities one must carry when they are getting close to nature are:

Torch lights –One torch light with spare batteries will do. If you are worried about a back up, carry a pocket torch, so that it is light.

Matches –These are very important as you cannot always rely on batteries. Apart from providing light, these can help you build a fire too.

Insect Repellent –This is an important item to carry if you want to stay safe from not only mosquito bites but insect bites too.

When you are camping or hiking, one can never be too sure about the flora and fauna they are bound to encounter. It is safe to be protected rather than cutting your trip short due to some unknown insect bite.

Water –Carry an inflatable water bottle. This will occupy less space and can be refilled, every time you reach a water source. Carrying jugs of water may seem to be a good idea but once you get out in the open, you will have to carry it all.